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Sandalwood Essential Oil - Know Its Therapeutic Properties

March, 30, 2012

Among all the essential oils, Sandalwood Essential Oil is best known for its Therapeutic Properties. Because of its amazing properties, Sandalwood Oil has been in use since Thousands of years. Sandalwood Essential Oil is well-known for its sweet and rich fragrance. It is an important part of Indian tradition and religion because of its calming properties. Sandalwood has been used in traditional medicines since prehistory. Known for its mesmerizing fragrance, it is extensively used in scented products.

Sandalwood essential Oil is extracted from the heartwood or the roots of tree of Sandalwood. This has to be done through steam or water distillation and the tree has to be at least 30 years old. The resultant Sandalwood Oil is very thick and is light yellow or brown in color. It has a sweet woody smell. The amazing Therapeutic Properties of Sandalwood Essential Oil are known for curing various diseases and ailments. Some of the benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil are as follows-

Because of the above mentioned qualities of Sandalwood Essential Oil, it can be concluded that this magical oil has a number of Therapeutic Properties that are benefitting our body in a number of ways. Massage of Sandalwood Oil helps in complete rejuvenation of our senses.

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Sandalwood Essential Oil - The Benefits And Uses

March, 30, 2012

Sandalwood Essential Oil is extracted from the selective aromatic Sandalwood, which must be at least three decade older. With its strong fragrance, a few drops of Sandalwood Oil are enough to create an exotic atmosphere around you. Due to its essential qualities, a number of cosmetics, perfumes and room fresheners are made using Sandalwood Oil. Besides, there are varied benefits of Sandalwood Oil that make it an immensely popular commodity around the world. Here, we will get familiar with the varied benefits that make Sandalwood Oil so special.

Physical Benefits Of Sandalwood Essential Oil:
From ancient time, Sandalwood is being used as a curative to heal different types of urinary infections. Sandalwood Oil, processed from selective sandalwood parts, has medicinal properties that are effective against the irksome ailments such as gonorrhea and genital infections. The properties of oil Sandalwood Oil make it anti-inflammatory and improve the immune system. Besides, Sandalwood Oil also contains anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that are indispensable to cure small but serious ailments. Sandalwood Oil is also very significant to cure hair problems in a natural manner. With its moisturizing effect, Sandalwood Oil damages the dead cells and makes hair smooth and voluminous. Additionally, with its astringent properties, Sandalwood Oil is effective for various skin problems. The soothing effect of Sandalwood Oil is beneficial against aging skin and body marks. A number of dermatologists recommend Sandalwood Oil for the treatment of eczema and acnes.

Emotional Benefits Of Sandalwood Essential Oil:
Apart from the significant physical benefits of Sandalwood Oil, there are several emotional benefits. Sandalwood Oil is known for its calming effect. It takes just a few drops of Sandalwood Oil to get the relaxing effect. Besides, Sandalwood Oil is also beneficial to control the sever stage of depression.

In addition, to make Sandalwood Oil more worthy, it can be blended with different types of essential oils such as Rose, Black Pepper, Bergamot, Lavender, Myrrh, Geranium, Forneol, etc.

One can Buy Sandalwood Oil by placing orders online. However, as a number of Sandalwood Essential Oil Manufacturers have started getting themselves registered over the Internet, it is sensible to do a little online search and contact only the genuine ones.

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Lime Essential Oil in Aromatherapy

June, 07, 2012

Lime Essential Oil, a natural extract from the plants belonging to citrus family, has a characteristic flavor and a pleasant aroma. Occasionally, it is added to salads, sauces, etc. to enhance their fragrance and to make them more delicious. However, a more important use of Lime Essential Oil is in Aromatherapy. Recent studies have established that Lime Essential Oil has great medicinal value owing to its therapeutic properties.

How Is Lime Essential Oil Extracted?
Lime Essential Oil Manufacturers employ two different ways to extract Lime Essential Oil. One of the ways is the steam distillation of the whole fruit. Alternatively, the peel of the unripe fruit can be cold pressed to obtain Lime Essential Oil that is further processed to be converted into a usable form. In the steam distillation process, the resulting distillate comprises of three layers. The top and the bottom layers that are rich in Lime Essential Oil are redistilled to obtain fully processed Lime Essential Oil fit for practical application in aromatherapy.

Lime Essential Oil & Aromatherapy:
Aromatherapy is termed as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) that utilizes aromatic plant products such as Essential Oils to cause a positive shift in a person’s physiological level. There are quite a few evidences that show that Aromatherapy is effective in altering cognition and alertness in an individual.

Lime Essential Oil has therapeutic characteristics that make it valuable in Aromatherapy. It can be used to treat a number of health problems including infections, asthma, cold, flu, arthritis, skin problems, bronchitis and digestive problems.

Use Lime Essential Oil With Caution:
Although Lime Essential Oil has therapeutic potential, you must take some cautions while using it. Lime Essential is non-toxic in nature and does not cause any irritation. However, Expressed Lime Essential Oil contains certain chemical constituents that make it photo-toxic. If applied on skin in the same form, it makes your skin sensitive to sunrays. So, you must dilute the Lime Essential Oil with a lotion before use. You should use Lime Essential Oil depending upon the sensitivity of your skin.

You may go for online search to get detailed information regarding Lime Essential Oil and its use in Aromatherapy.

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Benefits of Using Pure Essential Oils in Daily Life

July, 09, 2012

Essential Oils have been used for centuries owing to their fragrance and rich therapeutic value. Essential Oils are purest extract of a plant. The purity in Essential Oil is must so as to give physical relief. Apart from using Essential Oil for massaging, it’s is also used in soaps, shampoos, cosmetic products, perfume and candles to give a unique essence to them. Moreover, Essential Oils are also used for flavoring food and drink.

Essential Oils
Essential Oil is the plant oil also known as volatile oil. Pure Essential Oils have aroma with nutritional value. Essential Oil is extracted from flowers, petals, leaves and other parts of the plant. The oil extracted from a particular plant contains inherent the nutritional properties of that plant. So, they are good to use for body and hair massaging providing nutrient contents to the hair roots and body parts. Essential Oils are highly concentrated compounds so they are diluted with carrier oils. Some common Essential Oils are Rosewood Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Jasmine Oil, etc. Essential Oil is used in products like perfumes and soap for refreshing fragrance

Uses Of Essential Oils
Essential Oils have many unique qualities, healing properties and exclusive aroma. Essential Oils have anti-bacterial qualities and can be used to provide relief from stress, headache and ease in nausea and in swelling problems. Moreover, Rosewood Oil and Lavender Oil are used in aromatherapy to relax the mind and body. Aromatherapy by Essential Oils helps to lessen depression and stress giving positivity and freshness. Apart from body massaging, Essential Oils are mixed with conditioner for the cleansing of hair scalp. However, Essential Oils should be used by mixing some drops of carrier oil to dilute them. A regular massage with lukewarm Essential Oil is the best way to keep hair long and strong.

Essential Oils are good for body and hair massage and have many distinctive qualities. There are a number of websites and portals that list the names of Essential Oil Manufacturer and Suppliers. You may find relevant information regarding Essential Oils Online. Besides, you can place your order online and get Essential Oils at the most reasonable rates.

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Use Frankincense Oil to Stimulate HGH and Reduce Wrinkles

July, 09, 2012

Being beautiful throughout life is desired by every individual whether a man or a woman. But as the time passes, we grow old and we come across a phase when we start getting skin related problems such as pigmentation, patches, dullness, wrinkles, and many more. All these problems that were once a nightmare, start becoming true. But to our rescue, modern science and traditional herbs have been brought together by scientists, researchers, pharmacologists, etc. to derive out the solutions to slow down the process of ageing. One such elixir that that has been gifted to us by Mother Nature is Frankincense Oil.

Using Frankincense Oil For A Wrinkle-Free Skin…
Since ages, Frankincense Oil has been used to treat problem of the skin such as blemishes, wrinkles, etc. Also, called as olibanum, Frankincense is obtained from a tree of Boswellia genus. Basically, Frankincense is an aromatic resin that is also often used in perfumes. After procuring this precious marvel from trees, it is distilled and refined, with the help of advanced processing techniques, to obtain essential oil. This essential oil has the ability to revitalize the body by stimulating the production of human growth hormone (HGH) that generally slows down as the person ages. Pure Frankincense Oil with compounds such as sesquiterpenes, sesquiterpenols, monoterpenes, ketones, etc. has been used for treating arthritis, preventing infections and strengthening female hormonal system for the last hundred years in India. Undoubtedly, Frankincense Oil is something that can bring back the same charm and beauty that we possess at young age.

One important thing to consider while buying the oil is that you must get it from Frankincense Oil Manufacturers and Wholesale Suppliers, who have the best manufacturing and packaging facilities at their unit. Also, there are some reputed Manufacturers and Suppliers of Frankincense Oil that you can search on internet through B2B portals and directories where they have registered themselves. So, what are you waiting for? Get back your lost charm by purchasing and using Frankincense Essential Oil.

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Essential Oils: Patching Health And Beauty

July, 09, 2012

Do you wish to have a healthy body, mind and soul? Well! Who in this world would not! Human beings have always been trying to explore new mechanisms to have a healthy body in a desire to live longer. This burning desire has resulted in bringing forth the best possible remedy to get relief free from all kinds of pains, sufferings and also the lost beauty- The Essential Oil.

Essential Oils-Nature’s gift
Essential Oils are known since immemorial times and are used to cure severe diseases even today. Not only this, Essential Oils are used to make skin beautiful and glowing as well. Along with therapeutic properties, Essential Oils are used to add flavor to the delicacies owing to their mouthwatering aroma. Essential Oils help in soothing the tired nerves and stimulate the healing process that rejuvenates all the senses and makes skin and entire body healthy & fit.

There are many Essential Oils that are extracted from the natural herbs, tress, flowers, etc. Some of the widely used essential oils are Lime Essential Oil, Myrrh Oil, Rose Essential Oil , Lotus Oil, Sandalwood Oil Mysore, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil and Vetiver Oil.

Depending On The Type, Essential Oils Have Different Properties. Some Of These Are As Follows:

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: This Essential Oil has anti depressant and antiseptic properties.

Sandalwood Oil Mysore: It has excellent healing properties to cure urinary infections, genital disorders, digestive problems, throat infections and is very effective for making skin glow and smooth.

Vetiver Oil: This oil has anti-inflammatory property. It can also relax the hyperactive mind and bringing it to a calmer state. It can rejuvenate the weak immune system, and thus keeping skin and body free from infections and allergies.

It is necessary to seek guidance for using the right Essential Oil for a specific treatment. You can consult Essential Oil Manufacture and Wholesale Suppliers in the market who offer these at the best deals. You can easily find reliable Manufacturers and Suppliers of Essential Oils through B2B portals and directories or ask them whether they supply to a store near you.

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Patchouli Essential Oil - Health Benefits

May, 29, 2013

Distilled from the flowers and leaves of plant belonging to mint family, Patchouli Essential Oil is one of the most effective Essential Oils used throughout Asia. The Patchouli Essential Oil, owing to its excellent medicinal properties, has been in use amongst diverse Asian cultures. Patchouli Essential Oil can effectively fight against infections. As well, this Essential Oil variety can be used for the treatment of digestive disorders as well as skin problems. There are numerous health benefits of Patchouli Oil and some of them are mentioned in this write-up.

The Various Health Benefits Of Patchouli Essential Oil:

Considering so many benefits, Patchouli Essential Oil definitely should be included in the list of home remedies. To Buy Patchouli Oil , one can get in touch with AMARNATH EXPORTS – one of the prominent Patchouli Leaves Oil Suppliers and Essential Oils Online . Log on to for further information

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Medical Use of Essential Oils

May, 29, 2013

Since olden times, Essential Oils, extracted from a variety of natural herbs and plants, are known to have excellent medicinal value. If reports are to be believed, people not only from India, but also from China, Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt and Persia have been using Essential Oils in a variety of forms, for numerous treatments. In recent times too, the aromatic and concentrated Essential Oils continue to be of high significance in pharmaceuticals and medical sector.

Medical Uses Of Essential Oils:

The valuable Natural Essential Oils are used in the form of raw materials in a number of fields such as aromatherapy, cosmetics, phytotherapy, insecticides, etc. Below-mentioned are some of the most common uses of Essential Oils:

To Buy Natural Essential Oils such as Ajwain Oil, Aniseed Oil, Balsam Peru Oil, Basil Oil, Rosemary Oil, etc., buyers can turn to AMARNATH EXPORTS. The company is a well-known Essential Oils Wholesaler in Uttar Pradesh, India.s To Buy Essential Oils Online, one can go through the website of the company -

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Aromatherapy Essential Oils - Guarding Body And Soul

June, 24, 2013

Aromatherapy is the discipline of herbal medicine that involves the use of Essential Oils for healing mind and body. The name “Aromatherapy” may prompt you to think as if it is only the aroma that is vital in this medical practice but it is not so. The truth is that Essential Oils can be used in multiple ways to bring harmony to emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and aesthetic aspects of an individual’s life. Wholesale Aromatherapy Oils has been practiced for many years and today, it enjoys the distinction of popular alternative medical system.

How Are Essential Oils Used In Aromatherapy?

There are three basic ways of Using Essential Oils namely inhalation, topical application and internal consumption.

Inhalation- Inhalation of Essential Oils stimulates senses and brings out desired changes within the body. Inhalation can be done through multiple ways such as:

Topical Application- Certain Essential Oils can be directly applied on to the skin. There may be the need to dilute them to prevent irritation or itching to sensitive skin. Essential Oils can be applied on forehead, temples, neck, crown of head, abdomen and other vital organs.

Internal Consumption- Of late, studies have established that some Essential Oils are more effective when consumed orally. After consultation from experts, Essential Oils can be consumed in a certain dilution and dosage for good results.

Thus Aromatherapy Essential Oils can be used in multiple ways to guard body and soul. There is a wide range of Essential Oils available in the market. For Pure Essential Oils, AMARNATH EXPORTS is the name to reckon with. The company is a reputed Essential Oils Wholesaler and Supplier in India and offers a comprehensive range of Essential Oils that include Frankincense Essential Oil, Organic Bergamot Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Ajwain Oil, Aniseed Oil, Balsam Peru Oil, Basil Oil, Rosemary Oil and many others. Quality of products and reasonable pricing are two things highly appreciable about the company. For more details regarding the company and the Essential Oils, offered by it, you can log on to

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The Different Healthful Rewards Connected To Essential Oils

June, 24, 2013

Essential Oils are complex aromatic compounds extracted from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. Essential Oils are attributed with medicinal and therapeutic properties and have been in use for centuries. A number of Essential Oils are used a flavoring agents, in the preparation of pharmaceuticals, for personal care and in several industries including Pesticide Industry, Paints & Adhesives, Textile Industry, etc. The following section lists some of the most common Essential Oils and their health benefits.

And the list goes on and on. Essential Oils are really a blessing of nature and no doubt they find so many uses in daily life as well in industries. To Buy Pure Essential Oils Online, you can contact AMARNATH EXPORTS. The company ranks among leading Essential Oils Wholesalers and Suppliers in India and offers a wide range of Essential Oils including Frankincense Essential Oil, Organic Bergamot Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Ajwain Oil, Aniseed Oil, Balsam Peru Oil, Basil Oil, Rosemary Oil, etc. The company has also earned a distinguished position among Indian Attar Exporters. The Essential Oils, offered by the company are pure and very reasonably priced. For more details regarding the company and the Essential Oils, offered by it, you can log on to

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Grades Uses Of Essential Oils

June, 24, 2013

Much has been talked and written about the therapeutic value of Essential Oils. That often diverts our attention from the fact that Essential Oils are not only meant for healing mind and body, but they have a number of other use as well. There are highly aromatic, an attribute that takes to the manufacturing units in several industries. From preparation of perfumes to paints, Essential Oils have made their value count in a number of applications. There is a huge variety of Essential Oils in the offering and they are available in three main grades depending upon their use.

Besides, there is a fourth category of Essential Oils as well. These are referred to as conventional or natural Essential Oils. They are devoid of any chemical additive but there may be traces of agricultural residues. There are certain varieties of Essential Oils that are extensively used in Aromatherapy. There are three ways of using them. Essential Oils can either be applied directly on the skin; they can be inhaled or even consumed orally. Irrespective of the way they are used, Essential Oils have a soothing and calming effect on mind and body.

For those in pursuit of Pure Essential Oils, there is a name reliable name and that name is AMARNATH EXPORTS. The company is rated among the leading Essential Oils Wholesaler and Suppliers in India and offers a wide range of Buy Essential Oils Online including Frankincense Essential Oil, Organic Bergamot Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Ajwain Oil, Aniseed Oil, Balsam Peru Oil, Basil Oil, Rosemary Oil, etc. The company is also a well known Indian Attar Exporter. The Essential Oils, offered by the company are pure and very reasonably priced. For more details regarding the company and the Essential Oils, offered by it, you can log on to

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Some Popular Types Their Uses

March, 05, 2015

The sense of smell in humans is a powerful one. Strong and distinct scents have been used in Aromatherapy since ages, for providing relief from various mental and physical ailments. When we talk about strong scents, Essential Oils are unavoidable. Essential Oils are basically pure extracts derived from leaves, stems, roots, flowers, barks or other parts of a plant. Essential Oils are widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics, disinfectants, bath soaps perfumes, etc. Essential Oils are made available in different grades such as Grade A (or therapeutic), Grade B (or food grade), Grade C (cosmetic grade) etc. by reputed Essential Oil Suppliers.

Some Popular Types Of Essential Oils And Their uses are:

Essential Oils are not only a source of fragrance, but also carry major medicinal properties and can be used in aromatherapy products, perfumes and etc. Purchasing essential oil from Aromatherapy Essential Oil Manufacturers is recommended to ensure that you get the best quality products at the best prices.

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