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The rose has traditionally been called the 'Queen of Flowers' and in aromatherapy, Rose oil is often thought of as the queen among essential oils. Nicholas Culpeper, in his herbal, described the rose as being governed by Venus, and the area in which Rose Oil Manufacturer is used in aromatherapy, in preference to all other oils, is in treating disorders of the female reproductive system. Many essential oils have a therapeutic affinity with a particular organ of the body, and it is not surprising that Rose, with its 'feminine' qualities, has a powerful effect on the uterus. It is cleansing, purifying, regu­lating and tonic, and is valuable where there is loss of uterine muscle tone; for example, in slight prolapse, (combined with suitable exercises such as some of the inverted postures of yoga), or for women who have a tendency to miscarry. However, women with serious gynaecological problems are less likely to seek help from an aromatherapist than those who have irregularities of the menstrual cycle, or who are tense, depressed or sad, and these are areas where oil of Rose is supremely valuable.

It can be used to regulate the menstrual cycle where this is irregular, and to reduce excessive loss. Rose is thought to aid conception, and is certainly helpful where it is difficult to predict ovulation dates because of an irregular cycle. Rose also, perhaps surprisingly, appears to increase the production of semen. Although the oil does not {as far as is yet known), contain plant equivalents of male or female hormones, it seems possible that it acts as a hormone precursor in the body, in much the same way as the B vitamins. However, the physical effects of Rose oil are perhaps less impor­tant to us in aromatherapy than its effects on the mental/ emotional level. It is a gentle but potent antidepressant, and as you might expect from the preceding paragraphs, and from its gener­ally 'feminine' qualities, it is especially helpful where an emotional disturbance is linked to female sexuality or the reproductive cycle. It is one of the oils which are valuable in helping women suffering from post-natal depression, or depression following the break­down of a relationship, particularly if the woman needing help is experiencing grief rather than anger at the situation.

Rose has long been renowned as an aphrodisiac, and the Romans used to scatter rose-petals on the bridal bed, a custom that has degenerated into throwing paper rose-petals at wed­dings. Given this, and the other properties discussed already, it is not surprising that oil of Rose is used to help women suffering from frigidity and to help with male impotence. Rose has a powerful tonic effect on the circulation, digestion and nervous system, but is generally less used for these purposes, as there are other essential oils which are equally effective and far less expensive. In the sphere of reproduction and sexuality, Rose is unique in its action and will always be the first choice of oil for treatment, in spite of its price.

It is also a very good oil for use in skincare. It can be used for all skintypes, but it is especially valuable for dry, sensitive or aging skins. It has a tonic and astringent effect on the capillaries just below the skin surface, which makes it useful for diminishing the redness caused by enlarged capillaries (often known as 'thread-veins') in the cheeks, though it must be said that treatment needs to be kept up every day for many weeks, or even months, before a real improve­ment can be expected. The delicious perfume of Rose obviously makes it popular in skin preparations, too, but unfortunately leads some commercial manufacturers to use synthetic rose perfumes in many bath and skincare products. When you are buying creams, lotions, perfumes, bath essences, etc., either for yourself or to use in treatments, it is unfortunately true that if the product is cheap, the perfume is almost certainly synthetic and totally lacking in any of the therapeutic properties of real Rose oil. It is not difficult to make your own creams, etc., and perfume them with just a drop or two of the concentrated attar. Although it may be expensive to buy initially, very little needs to be used to produce both the perfuming and the healing effects, so your oil will last a very long time.

The true rose oil is a light yellow, occasionaly slight greenish and semi solid at room temperature. The odour of the rose oil is very pleasant , powerful and characteristic of fress rose and the flavour is sweet and somewhat hony-like. The physical properties of the oil are:

  • APPEARANCE : Light yellow, occasionally slight greenish, transparent,
  • S.G. : 0.849-0.870(at 30 degree),
  • REFRACTIVE INDEX : 1.452-1.466(at 25 degree).
  • CONGEALING POINT  : +18 degree -+23.5 degree centigrat
  • OPTICAL ROTATION  : 1--   -4

Major chemical constituents of rose oil are citronella (22-32%),geraniol(12-15%),nerol(8-12%),linalool(1.5-2.7%),methyl eugenol(2.0-2.5%), eugenol(0.5-1.0%),and rose oxide(1-1.3%).

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Rose Oil

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