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The company is one of the leading Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Incense Stick & Cones in Kannauj (India). The Incense Stick & Cones are synonymous with Indian culture and a quintessential part of its religion. Even various types of Incense Stick & Cones have been used in other organized religions and continue to be a significant aspect for different rituals such as congregation for prayer and others. Incense Stick & Cones are not only prevalent in oriental culture but also considered sacramental in Roman and Catholic churches. Incense making roots back to early Vedic period where it mentioned to mask bad odor and even to ward off evil spirit. The modern system of incense making was likely created by medicinal people who linked it to the Ayurvedic medicinal system. The Incense Stick & Cones are made of aromatic plants, which are basically dried up leaves mixed with essential oils and release fragrance when burned

Uses Of Incense Stick & Cones :

  • Useful as room freshener
  • Very useful as there are no ceremonies and rituals without them
  • Useful in aromatic therapies and meditation activity

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Agarwood Sticks Ambergris Sticks Blue Lotus Sticks

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