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Ginger Oil and its Spicy Properties

March, 30, 2012

Ginger is one of the highly used herbs in medicines and delicacies. It is also used as a spice. It can be used in fresh, dried or in powdered form. Ginger is an important ingredient for Indian cooking.

Ginger Oil As An Essential Oil:
Essential oil extracted from the roots of ginger plant by steam distillation is known as ginger oil. It has earthy, spicy and medicinal properties. This oil is rich in aroma and has savory and pungent fragrance. The natural ginger oil contains various therapeutic properties that provide us with several health benefits without any adverse effect.


Not only for curing digestive or respiratory disorders, but ginger oil is also believed to boost our cardiovascular system and hence it is one of the best choices for curing heart diseases. It reduces the risk of blood clotting and helps in maintaining cholesterol level in the body. This oil is used in Ayurvedic medicines and provides an effective treatment for malaria. Ginger oil is highly useful and effective oil in treating various skin and body disorders.

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