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Sandalwood Essential Oil - The Benefits And Uses

Posted by on March, 30, 2012

Sandalwood Essential Oil is extracted from the selective aromatic Sandalwood, which must be at least three decade older. With its strong fragrance, a few drops of Sandalwood Oil are enough to create an exotic atmosphere around you. Due to its essential qualities, a number of cosmetics, perfumes and room fresheners are made using Sandalwood Oil. Besides, there are varied benefits of Sandalwood Oil that make it an immensely popular commodity around the world. Here, we will get familiar with the varied benefits that make Sandalwood Oil so special.

Physical Benefits Of Sandalwood Essential Oil:
From ancient time, Sandalwood is being used as a curative to heal different types of urinary infections. Sandalwood Oil, processed from selective sandalwood parts, has medicinal properties that are effective against the irksome ailments such as gonorrhea and genital infections. The properties of oil Sandalwood Oil make it anti-inflammatory and improve the immune system. Besides, Sandalwood Oil also contains anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that are indispensable to cure small but serious ailments. Sandalwood Oil is also very significant to cure hair problems in a natural manner. With its moisturizing effect, Sandalwood Oil damages the dead cells and makes hair smooth and voluminous. Additionally, with its astringent properties, Sandalwood Oil is effective for various skin problems. The soothing effect of Sandalwood Oil is beneficial against aging skin and body marks. A number of dermatologists recommend Sandalwood Oil for the treatment of eczema and acnes.

Emotional Benefits Of Sandalwood Essential Oil:
Apart from the significant physical benefits of Sandalwood Oil, there are several emotional benefits. Sandalwood Oil is known for its calming effect. It takes just a few drops of Sandalwood Oil to get the relaxing effect. Besides, Sandalwood Oil is also beneficial to control the sever stage of depression.

In addition, to make Sandalwood Oil more worthy, it can be blended with different types of essential oils such as Rose, Black Pepper, Bergamot, Lavender, Myrrh, Geranium, Forneol, etc.

One can Buy Sandalwood Oil by placing orders online. However, as a number of Sandalwood Essential Oil Manufacturers have started getting themselves registered over the Internet, it is sensible to do a little online search and contact only the genuine ones.

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