Lime Essential Oil In Aromatherapy

Posted by on June, 07, 2012

Lime Essential Oil, a natural extract from the plants belonging to citrus family, has a characteristic flavor and a pleasant aroma. Occasionally, it is added to salads, sauces, etc. to enhance their fragrance and to make them more delicious. However, a more important use of Lime Essential Oil is in Aromatherapy. Recent studies have established that Lime Essential Oil has great medicinal value owing to its therapeutic properties.

How Is Lime Essential Oil Extracted?
Lime Essential Oil Manufacturers employ two different ways to extract Lime Essential Oil. One of the ways is the steam distillation of the whole fruit. Alternatively, the peel of the unripe fruit can be cold pressed to obtain Lime Essential Oil that is further processed to be converted into a usable form. In the steam distillation process, the resulting distillate comprises of three layers. The top and the bottom layers that are rich in Lime Essential Oil are redistilled to obtain fully processed Lime Essential Oil fit for practical application in aromatherapy.

Lime Essential Oil & Aromatherapy:
Aromatherapy is termed as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) that utilizes aromatic plant products such as Essential Oils to cause a positive shift in a person’s physiological level. There are quite a few evidences that show that Aromatherapy is effective in altering cognition and alertness in an individual.

Lime Essential Oil has therapeutic characteristics that make it valuable in Aromatherapy. It can be used to treat a number of health problems including infections, asthma, cold, flu, arthritis, skin problems, bronchitis and digestive problems.

Use Lime Essential Oil With Caution:
Although Lime Essential Oil has therapeutic potential, you must take some cautions while using it. Lime Essential is non-toxic in nature and does not cause any irritation. However, Expressed Lime Essential Oil contains certain chemical constituents that make it photo-toxic. If applied on skin in the same form, it makes your skin sensitive to sunrays. So, you must dilute the Lime Essential Oil with a lotion before use. You should use Lime Essential Oil depending upon the sensitivity of your skin.

You may go for online search to get detailed information regarding Lime Essential Oil and its use in Aromatherapy.

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