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Rose Oil For Skin

Posted by on May, 30, 2012

Traditionally extracted from the Damask Rose, Rose Oil is one of the most popular Pure Essential Oils. The sweet therapeutic aroma of the Rose Oil is known to heal and re-energize. Though there are many other Pure Essential Oils available in the market like the Sandalwood Essential Oils and the Agarwood Essential Oils, but the Rose Oil is indeed in a league of its own due to the multiple properties it possesses. Earlier, the Rose Oil was primarily used in the making of perfumes. But now, it is used extensively in manufacturing many health products as well as cosmetics. The use of Rose Oil in making Skin Care Products is also gaining popularity.

Rose Oil has numerous benefits and it can be said that the use of the Rose Oil would leave only positives to remember. Some of the uses of the Rose oil are as follows:

  • Rose Oil has a great effect on the dry skin. It tends to moisturize the skin and prevents the skin from becoming dry again.
  • Rose oil tightens up the large pores of the facial skin and helps in controlling the greasing of oily skin. In other words, Rose Oil can be used as a skin toner.
  • Rose Oil is known for fighting the aging of skin. It tends to tighten up the sagging facial muscles which prevent the wrinkles of the skin.
  • The antibacterial properties of the Rose Oil make it very effective against skin infections. Added to that, the Rose Oils are effective against the acne as well.
  • Rose Oil causes a soothing effect on the skin. As a result, the people with sensitive skin would benefit by using Rose Oil. It heals the burning sensation caused by sunburns on the facial skin.
  • The presence of Vitamin C in the Rose Oil as well as its anti-oxidant properties make it ideal for curing ugly marks and discolored skin.
  • The antiseptic qualities of the Rose Oil make it suitable for use in case of cuts and wounds. It helps in the stopping the bleeding and protects the wounds from any further infections as well.
  • Rose Oil can cure skin diseases like Eczema and is also effective against skin inflammation and irritation problems.

Thus, extolling the virtues of this oil, the Rose Oil manufacturers in India are marketing it as a solution to many of the skin and health problems.

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