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Enhance Your Skin Beauty With Rose Oil

Posted by on June, 07, 2012

Rose Oil falls in the category of most commonly used Essential Oils. As is evident from the name, Rose Oil is derived from the petals of rose flowers. Rose Oil has a tempting floral fragrance that makes it very popular in perfumery. Besides, there are a number of other benefits associated with Rose Oil. If you long for a flawless and radiant skin, Rose Oil may well be the best option for you. The natural aromatic compounds present in the Rose Oil have therapeutic properties as well. Rose Oil has the potential to rejuvenate your skin with its nourishing ingredients.

Compounds In Rose Oil:
The sweet, floral aroma of the Rose Oil is attributed to a number of natural compounds present in it. Compound Beta-damascenone is regarded as the parameter for the quality of Rose oil. Besides, rose oxide and beta-ionone are other vital compounds that impart Rose Oil its inherent flavor and distinctive scent. The long list of other compounds in Rose Oil includes phenyl ethyl alcohol, linalool, various acetates, etc.

Rose Oil & Your Skin:
The nourishing compounds in the Rose Oil hydrate your skin. Rose Oil is a potent remedy for skin irritations and rashes. It keeps your skin healthy and beautiful by oxygenating it with rich nutrients. The Rose Oil regulates the natural sebum and moisturizes your skin. Besides, it is a potent remedy for several skin disorders including eczema. Rose Oil is influential in reducing the signs of premature aging. It keeps your skin free from wrinkles. It is for the same reasons that Rose Oil is extensively used in a variety of cosmetic products like creams, lotions, etc.

Extraction Of Rose Oil:
As already mentioned, Rose Oil is extracted from fresh roses. There are three common ways used for extracting Rose Oil.

  • Solvent Extraction process
  • Steam Distillation process
  • Carbon Dioxide Extraction process

The different processes yield different varieties of Rose Oil but the inherent nature of this Essential Oil remains the same irrespective of the means of extraction. You can achieve and retain the beauty of your skin using Rose Oil. If you want to Buy Rose Oil, you can contact Rose Oil Manufactures online and can place your order.

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